Hibernation under Linux (Debian)

I’ve checked Linux battery life tuning for information about hibernation. I did the Debian default install and upgraded to testing but in menu “Hibernate” is grayed out. I also tried

sudo pm-hibernate

which did nothing. How can I enable hibernate.
Kind regards, Andreas.

I also had a Debian default install. This included a very small swap partition. So I needed to increase its size to the size of my RAM to make hibernation work, because Linux writes the memory to the swap partition when going to hibernation.

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You need to disable secure boot in the BIOS.

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Hmmm, I realised I have no swap partition at all. No idea what logic the installer was following - 64GB of RAM seemed to have a reason to not create one. I installed with encrypted LVM the full disk space - so I guess I need to reinstall the box to get the swap space. :frowning:

Wellcome, Andreas to the Framework community forum! It’s a small Linux world. :smile:

Here are some clues to set up hibernation on your environment. You might not need to reinstall the box.

Hi Jun, nice to meet you here. Thanks a lot for the promising hints. As Wade_Richards recommended I had to disable secure boot in BIOS. When I now issue

sudo systemctl hibernate

the frame.work seems to hibernate - but its rather shutting down and starts from scratch.

Unfortunately my fiddling around had an additional bad side effect: Pasting the buffer with three fingers (=middle mouse button simulation) does not work any more. Any clue how to get this back (I reverted the changes to grub without success).

I’ve now reinstalled the box since the swapfile way was not really a solution. I had to create a 64GB swap partition manually in the LSM configuration of the partition step.
Unfortunately with this installation the touchpad does not work as before (I do not remember that I did something differently.)
I’m pretty used to emulate the middle button for X-Pasting which works with three fingers. This does not work right now any more. Also scrolling with two fingers does not work. Any hint how to fix this (probably I should start an new thread about this).
Kind regards, Andreas.

Andreas_Tille, what desktop environment are you using?

xfce4 under a current Debian Testing

Hmm, I’m not sure why you would have this on your first install but lost it–that is odd. Is libinput-gestures installed?

Are there any relevant options in your mouse settings?

Settings Manager > Mouse and Touchpad > Device=(select Touchpad) > Touchpad tab, and set Scrolling Mode = “Two-finger scrolling”

If not, it might be worth installing something like Fusuma or Touchégg like these guys: OSX-style trackpad gestures in Linux