OSX-style trackpad gestures in Linux

The trackpad is absolutely fantastic and despite not having used an Apple device for years, I found myself trying to use the three- and four-finger gestures. I did a bit of searching, and found a way to enable them: https://github.com/silexcorp/fusuma.

I’m running Linux Mint 20.2 and have set up the four-finger swipes for ctrl+alt+direction and the three-finger swipes (left and right only) for alt+direction. Apparently Fusuma can be set up for app-specific gestures with a plugin, and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface here.


I’ve recently installed and have been working with Ubuntu Budgie (22.04). Absolutely love it. However, it lacked multi-touch gestures for the trackpad OOTB (which I’m getting really used to). I found the Fusuma option that you mentioned, but was having a bit of difficulty understanding the setup and configuration. Looking around some more, I found Touchégg, which installed easily and has a GUI for configuring. Will need to play a bit more with it, but it seems to do what I need it to.