High battery drain and warm case during suspend


I am having problems with very high battery drain over night during suspend. Last night, the battery went down from 85% to 34% from 8pm to 9am and the case was unusually warm. The laptop was just sitting on a desk, nothing plugged in and no expansion cards (except 2x USB C) attached. There are no journalctl entries within this time.

It is also strange that this does not happen every night, only every few days. When it doesn’t happen I only loose like 10% of battery over night.

I hope anyone has an idea how to solve this!

Fedora 36 KDE
Intel i7 1165G7
Bios 3.10
sudo grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args="nvme.noacpi=1"

Does your system go to sleep automaticall after a period of time?
How is this being activated? Lid or manually clicking hibernate?
Is this hibernate or sleep?

It goes to sleep after 10min. It can be activated via the sleep button or closing the lid. Most times I just close the lid and journalctl shows the suspend was activated when I close the lid.

Hibernate is not enabled.