Massive battery drain when laptop is shut

I have a framework 16 laptop which i bought recently. I am experiencing complete battery drains when the laptop is shut or in suspend mode. I close it and put it in my bag and next day when I open it back to start working again, its pretty much dead even though i closed it when i had full battery.

Using Fedora Linux.

Assuming you’re on Windows, Microsoft doesn’t really do true suspends anymore. It’s designed to keep the device on during sleep if it feels like it (for updates and such), so on my work laptops I don’t use it at all.

My personal laptop runs Linux. This philosophy and culture that lead to a decision like this is one of the reasons I switched.

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LTT even dedicated a whole video to this BS

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Should have mentioned this. I am on Fedora Linux

Sorry, should have been more clear. I am on Fedora Linux.

Isn’t there a huge danger of thermal damage if the laptop is in someone’s bag when windows decides to power on and do nefarious stuff? How are they not liable for damage in that case?

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It’s not a hazard in that if the device get’s too hot it’ll either throttle or shutdown, so the device won’t be harmed. However, I agree with your concerns and that’s why I don’t use it on my work laptop that still runs windows.

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The 13 AMD platform has a known EC (embedded controller firmware) issue that makes closing the lid on an already suspended laptop and/or unplugging it to wake it back up. Affects Linux on BIOS 3.05 (for now). Workaround is available. Details in this thread message and replies to it.

Is it possible the same applies to the 16?

I’ve been having issues with my FW 16 not sleeping properly on Linux sometimes, I’ll give this a test.