Highlighted text does not stay highlighted + fingerprint scanner and keyboard layouts

Hey there!

I am pretty new to Linux Fedora 36, so I am constantly running into problems I am unable to fix :frowning: I received my laptop a week ago and am happy so far, except for those things.

  1. I have an MX Vertical Mouse that I connect via Bluetooth to my Framework. Unfortunately, whenever I highlight stuff, it doesn’t stay highlighted (only occasionally). It also seems like the left mouse button is buggy in the sense that I click and draw over text, and while I am doing that, it releases the key again and pulls some of the text to another position in the text. I don’t know how in how far this is a Linux problem, but I don’t run into the same problems when using the mouse on other devices. Highlighting with the Trackpad works perfectly.

  2. The fingerprint scanner doesn’t appear to be working. When I try to scan any finger, it lights up blue and then grey again, but no message saying “Complete” or anything. I only get such a message when I rapidly put my finger on the scanner and off again several times - then the scan doesn’t work as well.

  3. When I try to install other keyboard layouts (Dvorak) the given layout only works in a few applications. Am I missing a setting that says to use the layout in every application? I tried playing around with localectl and setxkbmap.

Does somebody have a clue about any of these topics? I would appreciate it a lot!! :relaxed:

Best regards,