[Honeywell PTM7950 Phase Change Thermal Pads/Sheets] Application, Tips, and Results

Was this in reference to me? If so, instead see @thelitedragon’s wonderful posts:
Post 1
Post 2
where that same Amazon/JOYJOM link was already tested.

From that and the Amazon ratings, it does seem legitimate, though I can’t be certain until testing.

I do have a fair amount of the original eBuy7/Alibaba material, but I don’t have much time to put towards testing ATM :frowning: plus I’d rather not waste my current application.

I may order that material from Amazon to test in conjunction with my AMD Ryzen 7 7840U mainboard upgrade (pre-ordered woot!), but that won’t be for a while. Until then, if someone does want to do a thorough test/comparison/write-up, DM me and I’d be happy to mail some of what I have.

Also, I just realized it’s already been 11 months since I first installed PTM7950!

So here’s a brief update: I haven’t done any thorough tests recently so I’m not certain if performance has degraded, but I don’t think so. With heavy daily use, I currently have no issues to report in regards to temps.

Sometime between now and the Ryzen upgrade, I’ll thoroughly check (same i7-1165G7). Then, I’ll see how PTM7950 is with AMD :melting_face:


i5 11th gen owner here, just applied the PTM7950 and it really makes a difference in the fan sound department which is what I was mostly after. Installation was pretty easy even though min didn’t have any pull tabs that came with, I just used my fingers to get rid of the film. I would really recommend to apply the pad if you have any kind of laptop!


Hey there, does anyone in this thread have a good source of genuine PTM7950 in Europe ?

Well most of us have taken pot luck and bought from Ebay or Amazon sellers and…all of it appears to work well so I wouldnt worry.

Proof is in the results really. If you get say a 8+ degree drop, you are golden.


You might want to check Moddiy. They are supposedly a source for genuine PMT7950 and I believe they ship worldwide. It’s a little pricier than eBay and such, but they claim all their products are 100% genuine.


To add to others’ suggestions, the original ebuy7 link in my first post seems to still be up and IIRC it ships from China (I’m in the US). So it may actually get to you in Europe faster. The original aliexpress link is dead, but I can recommend trying there as well (probably as a last resort though, knowing its downsides).

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This is where I order mine from as well.

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Is there any tutorial for PTM7950? Complete newbie here, what size should I buy and from what retailer I’m currently deciding between ebuy7 and moddiy.

In the very first post. Please read that and the rest of this thread first. The answers to your above questions are either in there, or the information is there but the decision is a personal one for you to make.

If you’re completely new to applying thermal material, I’d recommend educating yourself so that you at least understand what it does and how to generally apply it. And then, of course, how to do it safely within a Framework laptop.

Without due diligence, you run the risk of damaging your mainboard and potentially wasting precious resources.


I’d suggest looking for youtube videos of PTM7950 application. Especially since it different from other thermal interface materials. Videos can give a better impression than words alone can.


I’m happy to report that after ordering this on Amazon and “repasting”, i’m seeing the promised -7 / -10°C on the mean temp. I’m just browsing right now and the temp is around 36°C (computer on a wood table, 22°C room temp, Linux Mint). It would have been around 44°C before.

I used s-tui to test, and i could see that the CPU throttled far later during the stress test. Most impressively is how quickly the fan ramps down immediately after the test with the PTM compared to the stock paste.

The application of PTM is pretty easy if you follow the instructions (the fridge part is important), there is just one tricky part imho : once it is sitting on the die, the remaining plastic film you have to remove is quite stiff and will easily spring back on the paste if you let it go. You’d better have good tweezers !

Thanks to everybody for your advice !

edit : i used a 2.8x1.1cm rectangle of PTM to cover the die of my i5-1240p. The paste comes with alcohol wipes, screwdriver, the cutest paintbrush i’ve ever seen, finger gloves and sticky bits of tape to remove the film -i guess, i did not see them until now- and a kind of plastic spatula -to push the paste in place i guess ?


Yup! That’s to remove the film:

Click for quote from first post

My guess as well, from the Amazon pics

Glad it worked out for you and great results! :slight_smile:

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Once you’ve done it a few times, its “Ahhhh sod it I’ll cut it by eye and slap it on!” You get more relaxed and used to doing it. Like cleaning the sensor on your DSLR, so many thought it a dark art of utmost fragility when it took 10 seconds and you really had to be a total idiot to do any damage.

As long as you dont get fingers everywhere you are fine. I just used the needle tweezers from my iFixit kit to remove the last bit of film.

I mean…all of us here have a iFixit kit don’t we? If you don’t, just leave right now and hang your head in shame. Either that ask your other half to get you one for Xmas. :wink:


@Jason_Dagless haha I have half of an iFixit kit from a screwdriver set I bought like a decade ago? Looks like I need to first find my other half to get my other half :laughing:

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Another convert to PTM7950 here.

Dropped around 5c at idle and it appears to ramp up more slowly with usage. Happy with that and plenty left over for when my AMD mainboard arrives. :grinning:


Anyone know the size of the AMD mainboard die? Would I be safe getting a piece that’s 30mm*20mm?

I should say you’ll be fine. Make sure its the 0.2mm type too. You’ll probably have enough for two goes minimum. I had enough to do 4 intel CPU/iGPU laptops.

Cut it a little larger than the die, slap it on nice and flat and enjoy.

No real danger in it.

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Got my AMD mainboard shipping email today (woot!) and will likely install PTM7950 (though many have reported stock thermals are pretty good).

I’ll measure the die(s) as well as before and after thermals/performance, but it may take a few weeks. Will take pics as well and if anyone has any questions/requests lmk!

Edit: set it up, and stock thermals seem to be…very good. Like, better than 11th gen on PTM7950, I’m guessing.


I decided to try this stuff out on my AMD Framework 13…

It seems to me that it’s working so well that the fan curve is now way off.

It takes longer before the fan ramps up than it did previously. Which means that the aluminum casing is (subjectively) warmer than it was previously… and that when I run something like Cinebench, it’s actually spiking up to like 95C before the fan kicks into a higher speed and eventually brings it down to 79C. (Screenshot below is from an earlier run).

I’ll probably pull off the heatsink and try again in a few days with a new piece to be sure I didn’t screw up the install, but it really feels like the fan is just confused by the low temperatures on the other sensors since it stays absolutely silent for so long after the initial load starts. (Not sure what that misread package temperature minimum of 5C is about either).


I’ve repasted mine with liquid metal and it’s showing this behaviour as well. I think it’s just for some reason, there’s a huge delay between the temps rising and the fans kicking in. It could be intentionally so that fans turn on less, hence a quieter experience.