Hot battery while charging

How hot should the laptop be getting while it charges? Its not comfortable to have on my lap while charging even if im just watching netflix. Is this normal?

hey, please contact the support team if you think the laptop is getting unreasonably hot when it’s charging.

If you are using the 180W charger on a FW16 it can get warm quick. To cut down on the heat generated while charging it will heat up much less if you use a 60W or 30W USBC PD charger.

It is easier on the battery too! The 30W charger that came with my Pixel phone works surprisingly well and barely warms up the machine.

Alternatively, put a Magazine or Manilla folder underneath it and it will insulate the heat from the laptop and the lap of the user.

If there was a way to read out the internal resistance of the battery pack, we’d could anticipate the dissipated heat.

On my FW16, when charging using the provided 180W charger, the left side of the laptop gets quite warm. Didn’t notice the Battery to heat up.