How about the GPU?

I’m a fan of Framework and I want to know what GPU is used in the laptop(I didn’t find any answer in the Diy page.). Is it integrated? I have kind of “lowproformancephobia”,so i want to know if the integrated GPU is enough for me to play games(minecraft,etc.)

also, please forgive me for my poor english.

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The GPU used in both Framework laptops is the Intel Xe Integrated GPU. The GPU is definitely enough to play MC at 12 render distance with some other tweaks. (I run this at 20-40fps on my UHD 620). If you want to play anything in more detail then it would be good to get an external GPU (eGPU) using Thunderbold + USB-C. If you’re on Linux, I’d recommend the AMD series, (open source drivers + good wayland support) or otherwise Nvidia GPUs will suit most people. (Nvidia GPUs on Linux aren’t bad, they’re just unstable for rolling release distros).


Can the GPU handle a game like Portal 2?

@john_doe Probably. The Intel Xe is comparable in performance to low-end dedicated GPUs. Should be able to handle older games like Portal 2 just fine, but I wouldn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to run high settings or anything.

@john_doe If you want a definitive answer, yes it can run portal pretty easily. Just tried it at pretty high if not the highest settings and was getting no lower than 70 fps