Minecraft and more

I would like to know how well the laptop functions for gaming. How well does it run Minecraft? What about FF14? What other popular games can it run and with what specs that are readily available?


There are no gaming benchmarks for the 12th gen Framework yet (as far as i know).
Your best bet would be to compare against the 11th gen counterparts, but those values shouldnt be too far off, since the GPU hasnt improved too much.
There are some benchmarks of 11th gen Framework on Youtube.

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I was doing some research as well since I only really play Minecraft. It seems that 1240p runs at 1080p at around 100-270 fps on high. No clue how that scales with resolution (I think linearly?).

Make sure to do your own research though!


I could be totally wrong here, but 100-270 fps on 1080p seems way to high for an integrated gpu for almost any game.

Unmodded Minecraft with low render distance isn’t really difficult to run. Many games could be played at high framerate depending on the settings used. Probably not any recent AAA titles or indie games though as they would likely require higher VRAM than is available with an integrated GPU.

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It is. And it is wrong information. The benchmark was with an Intel ARK A350 or something and the CPU was the 1240p. Just for reference: 🔵Intel ARC A350M in 15 GAMES (i5-1240P & GPU test) | (2022-2023) - YouTube

I think it is definitely playable at 60fps on the iGPU. Most videos had V-Sync on and hit 60fps consistently. I could not find any videos with unlocked V-Sync or on higher resolution.
Mods like Iris, Sodium and OptiFine will probably increase the frame rate as well.

I have been looking for 11th Gen CPUs. As mentioned above, almost no videos for 12th Gen. But it is the same iGPU (80 or 96 EU).

Apart of the problem can be ram utilization. Minecraft can use a lot of ram in order to run.

The OS can be an important difference as well - Intel’s mesa-based Linux drivers has vastly superior OpenGL support compared to their Windows driver.


Good to know. I was not aware of that! I can post an update once I receive my laptop. I got the i5 1240p.


I managed to get 100FPS with performance mods on Minecraft using the GPU from a 4th gen i5(laptop). Geting 200FPS on the i7 should be possible


Nice choice of games xD FF14 and Minecraft are my absolute main games at the moment. Once I’ll get my laptop (i7 1260p) I will try them out and share my experience. :slight_smile:

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So I today got my Framework Laptop and I did some short-term tests for Minecraft and FFXIV.

FFXIV is not really playable. If you play at native resolution and lowest settings, I barely had 25-30 fps and you felt it. Wasn’t that great. CPU temps at around 70°C and fans are working quite a bit (luckily Framwork’s fans are not annoying even on full load). If you play in windowed mode with a lower resolution it might work, but then your window will also be pretty small and that on a 13 inch display. Not great either. It is enough for some daily stuff or hanging out with friends, but for proper gameplay you will need an eGPU.

Minecraft however works quite well. With uncapped FPS and pretty much default settings (13 chunks render distance. And I turned VSync off), I easily get 160+ FPS. But temps are on 80-100°C then. If you cap it on 60, you can play lagfree at ~50°C. For more smoothness, I think my sweet spot will be 90 fps cap at ~60°C. If you want shaders or other performance hungry mods, it will be significant worse obviously.

Also as I said these are just first impressions and only short term tests. Also Discord was running in the background at all times. Maybe you can squeeze a bit more performance out without that.

Edit: i have the i7 1260p