How about webcam-less?

I literally never use the webcam on my laptop. I also think it makes the bezel ugly, and of course there are obvious privacy reasons to avoid it. Having a HW privacy switch is great, but any chance we could get an option to remove it entirely? (I assume the camera module is removable — and user-replaceable! — so mostly I’m asking if there’s any chance we might see bezels with no webcam notch.)

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I heartily concur with this sentiment. I’d hope that the hardware switch makes the camera tolerable, though I think it would still make me uncomfortable to have it pointed directly at me.
I generally paint or glue over front facing cameras, though I have permanently disabled some smartphone ones with a pin.

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I mean, as the bezel is magnetically attached, I don’t see any reason why someone couldn’t make one without a camera cutout?

@matthew3. We designed the webcam so the privacy switch will cut power to the sensor. But if you want to remove it, you can do very quickly. The bezel is magnet attach, and you can remove the webcam PCB using the screwdriver included with the system. Should take less than 5 minutes.
The webcam pcb is attached with two screws, and to remove the FPC you need to lift up the latch on the connector to remove the FPC.
You can do all this without removing the screen.
Note that the ALS and microphones are also part of the webcam pcb. So these functions will also be disabled. (Which might be a plus for you)


@Kieran_Levin, thanks for confirming. So, as I expected, the real question is ‘what are the chances of having a bezel with no camera cutout?’ :slightly_smiling_face:.

(BTW, loosely related, any chance of an aluminum bezel to match the rest of the case?)

Probably not any time soon, since tooling for large, thin parts like a bezel is extremely expensive.


@nrp and others from the team. Your direct answers are appreciated in this Forum.

All designs are compromises, and you have tried to make every design decision have a valid reason.
Could have responded to any of many threads.
Thank you for keeping your customers informed.


I imagine you could get someone to 3D print a bezel replacement, no idea how polished a product it would be tho

Or you could 3D print something that matches the shade of color and shape as the cutout and just “plug the hole” or glue a piece of plastic behind the cutout after removing the camera module

What you could do is remove the module, model a plastic replacement with the blocker to make it look like it’s not there.