Broken camera chip- bezel induced

I use my laptop daily, its been great! 11th gen batch 5 or 6? FW13.
This post is meant as a note about potential hardware improvements for future versions if it is relevant, not a complaint. There may be no way to protect against this.
I just had my first hardware failure, the camera quit working. I think the failure is from the switches in the bezel breaking the components off the camera circuit board. I think my bezel moved and broke some tiny parts off. I found the bezel slightly off alignment and the camera wasn’t functioning.
The switch doesnt do anything. I found a tiny piece stuck to a magnet but its too small to photograph.
Here is a pic of what it missing and the switch pins that I think may have caused the issue.

I ordered a new camera board! The whole point if this laptop! Easy to fix. I also ordered new speakers, easy to upgrade!