How can I replace Ubuntu with Windows 11?

This is quite basic but I’m having trouble finding the answer: how can I install Windows 11 on my Framework, replacing Ubuntu as my main OS?

I have purchased an Win 11 license and set up a bootable USB with Win 11. Now how do I get installed? I’m not managing to get into the Framework BIOS…

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When restarting the device you should be able to press F12 rapidly while it is turning on to get into a one-time boot menu and select your Windows 11 Install drive, otherwise you may need to press F2 rapidly to get into the BIOS and select boot options from there.

If you need more help installing Windows 11, Framework have a guide here:

If you need more guidance on the BIOS there is a community post here:

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Thank you, that was all I needed to get into BIOS (I’m used to the firmware telling us which key to press, but there was nothing here).

I’m now facing another issue:

I messed up a desktop before by installing an OS on the wrong partition, so I’m really afraid of doing this again. So two questions here:

  1. Is installing on partition 2 the right thing to do? (For now, I want Win 11 as the only OS on the laptop)
  2. How do I format it as NTFS? The “format” button here isn’t clickable.

Thank you!

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With the use of the term replace, I assume that there is no data you want to keep on the ssd

  • Click on Drive 0 partition 1, erase it.
  • Same with Drive 0 partition 2.
  • You should just see “Drive 0 931 Go free” and windows installer should make all the necessary partitioning and formatting by itself after.

From there just follow the Guide Azure has linked up previously


Thank you, it worked!

There were a few hiccups (the list of drives appeared completely empty at some point, the computer shutdown in the middle of the windows installation, etc) but in the end it all worked out.

Now, to installing Zorin on an Expansion Card!