How configurable is the keyboard?

Hi folks :wave:

I know that the keyboard, numpad and macropad are all using QMK but right now there is not much information on how configurable they would be:

  • The configurator doesn’t help, as the keyboard must be connected to do anything.
  • There is only a branch and a PR for the QMK firmware, but I guess it’s usable ?

Without having access to the configurator, at least the branch seems to indicate that we can do layers.

Can someone with a FW16 in their hands confirm that:

  • We can have multiple layers
  • Colors can be configured per key and per layer

Thanks !


You can do layers.
Per-key colors, I don’t believe you can do in the GUI interface.

Yeah, I don’t see any per-key color control.


To be clear, per-key colors, and different colors for different layers can be done, if you get into editing your config files directly / programming and uploading it to your keyboard. It’s just not available in the point-and-click interface at this time.


I asked on the PR I linked above if it’s the best starting point for a custom firmware.
Outside of colors, I’d love to enable Auto Shift for example.

It would be best to ask questions in the forum here. You’ll want to use whatever the latest release is. Look under tags.
Currently, it’s v0.2.9

Thanks for the info !
I suppose you are the person who commented on Github too :slight_smile: