Is there official RGB Macropad Software?

Hi. I bought a FW16 with the macropad module. The official support page from framework about the macropad has nothing about actually setting macros on it, only cycling through numpad, and light controls. I wish to make a Helldivers 2 macropad layout, but i couldn’t find if there was easy to use software to change the light and set a macro for each key yet.

i haven’t received mine yet but heard VIA ( is where you can program it.

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Sounds like you’re looking for per-key RGB control. That’s not available through a GUI yet. You’d need to get into compiling the firmware (qmk) and be able to modify some code. See here for how to control per-key RGB How to get to point you can have per key RGB control for keyboard and macropad? - #2 by MJ1

Creating macros can be just done through the Via GUI that Cbigfoot linked.

If you’re simply wanting to change which of the predefined effects is using the will get you there (as indicated by others). If you’re looking for something to set RGB on a per key basis you’re out of luck for official things. That being said, you’re not completely out of luck. The QMK community has been working on something known as XAP, that the OpenRGB community would like to use to allow for host based lighting control (the computer tells the keyboard what colors different LEDs should be). However, XAP is still not finalized (it doesn’t natively have a way of doing what OpenRGB requires), and the OpenRGB implementation of the protocol isn’t in their main branches yet. So getting everything set up correctly could be quite a bit of a challenge considering the fact that you’d have to merge OpenRGB’s QMK XAP fork with Framework’s fork, and possible compile OpenRGB yourself from their XAP branch (which I believe is in a fork). It’s doable, but there aren’t really any guides anywhere for how to do it because it’s all WIP. That being said, I’ve gotten it working on my custom QMK keybaord and I’ve not had any issues with it.

Somebody already did it. But if I recall, per-key color control didn’t work for some reason in their OpenRGB build.


Like I said, the OpenRGB implementation for direct mode isn’t in their main branches yet because XAP still doesn’t define a mechanism for direct mode (and IIRC, at this point it’s unlikely to because they’re actually looking to implement that control as HID LampArray rather than trying to build something into XAP for it. Also, there is the QMK non-XAP mode which IIRC has been in the stable branch for a while now, but the stuff I’m referring to is all still experimental, unmerged in either project.

I’ll have to look into that thread though, because I may be able to provide some insights.

I thought since XAP not ready yet, OpenRGB wasn’t using that at all. Rather, just controlling it their own way for now.

Ah, I didn’t notice that the part I quoted from your post was specifically talking about OpenRGB using XAP. Yeah, I didn’t think the current implementation uses XAP. I’m not familiar with how OpenRGB does it at all.

You would have to recompile Frameworks QMK fork to XAP. The whole point of XAP is to not need these patchwork forks of openrgb for QMK support. That being said the XAP fork of openrgb is in super limbo so you may need to update it.