How do I upgrade a new DIY laptop from Windows 10 to 11

I just finished setting up my new 12th Gen DIY laptop with (I thought) Windows 11 Home via a USB install. But it looks like I somehow installed Windows 10 instead. How do I upgrade it to Windows 11 now? I’m looking at Windows Update and it’s supposed to show a way to upgrade to Windows 11 if my device is eligible, but it only shows a “Getting ready for Windows 11” message and a link to check hardware requirements. I’m mystified now. Everything I read online says that the 12th Gen DIY should support Windows 11, but I see no way to do this.

I got the link I needed very quickly from Framework Support. What I needed was the manual download of the Windows 11 Installation Assistant – I still don’t understand why the Windows 11 upgrade wasn’t appearing in Windows Update in Windows 10, but the installation assistant allowed me to upgrade and I’m all set now.

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This is the ticket here. Microsoft got a lot of negative feedback when they were pushing the update directly through windows update.