How is your experience with your Framework 16?

Hello everyone:

I am pretty sure that no one has received their Framework 16s yet. However, if I am mistaken, and you are lucky enough to have received yours, please share your thoughts and experience so far.

Hello Ahmad!

I don’t have mine (probably only a few months to wait now), but it seems the preview units are sent to the influencers for the moment. Here is a new preview video that was recently posted on youtube :

With a good overview of the inputs/spacers mechanism :slight_smile:

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Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing. I am more excited about this device now. I remember in a previous video, he said that these computer will become quite dull in the future, but with this level of modularity, I do not think that would happen. You can always customize your device.

No Framework 16 models have shipped to consumers yet.