[POLL] Framework 16 Review Reception - How do you feel about the reviews?

With the reviews finally dropping, I want to see how the community reacts to them. Is everything exactly as you wanted it, perhaps even better? Or did you already cancel your preorder :smiley:

And what are the biggest surprises?

  • Better than expected
  • As expected
  • Better in some worse in others
  • Worse than expected
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Considering canceling my preorder. I’m weighing customizabilty vs. the build quality. Easier to fix but is it more likely to break? Will I still like size, feel and build in 7 to 10 years.


Honestly the biggest complaint’s I’ve heard about in reviews sound like the issues that Framework has already been addressing. I’m impressed by what appears to be a jump in build quality from the earlier pictures we got of some of those components compared to what I see in the reviews though.


I’m definitely keeping my preorder, nothing was a dealbreaker for me, afaict, the inconsistent thermal issues are related to the known issues with preproduction coolers that Nirav has previously talked about, and the keyboard flex seemed subjective and isn’t a big deal to me. I mostly am curious to see framework’s response in a couple of days.


Considering cancelling as well. 2-3k is a lot of money to spend on a laptop. Hoping that the points presented in the reviews are fixed by the time my batch rolls around is an expensive hope.

Safest assumption would be to assume what we get delivered is what the reviewers were given.

I still have issues with my FW13, so I’m idk reluctant to repeat that.

After reading a few reviews I went from being excited about the FW16 to being really on the fence. I understand there’s a tradeoff for the upgradeability and the repairability. Generally that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make. I’m keeping my preorder for now, but I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the early batches to see what people are saying. If FW addresses the issues relatively quickly I’ll keep my batch 16 preorder for sure, but if not I’ll have some thinking to do. Overall I’m honestly a bit disappointed with the reviews I’ve seen so far, but I’m still hopeful that things will get better.


I am very disappointed with the general reviews of the keyboard, I expected better, especially with the Framework 13 keyboard being good.
A lot of people in the framework community are tech-focused and mainly almost exclusively use their keyboard.
I can live with the panel flex and the speakers being sub-par, but the keyboard is a major deal-breaker if not addressed, especially at this price point. I’m pretty disappointed :frowning:

Edit: I’m definitely keeping my pre-order though, I’m confident, that it will still turn out great


Reviews are pretty much as I expected. Some unsurprising issues, given that they said ahead of time that they were still in the process of solving several, known issues when they sent the units off to reviewers. Some slight disappointments and some promising results as well. Overall, nothing about the reviews is making me question my pre-order.

Unfortunately, other things in my life are making me consider cancelling. I don’t really NEED it, and that money could go toward a new office chair and a couple other things instead. For some reason, cancelling the pre-order feels like backing out on a deal, plus I do think it will ultimately be a really cool machine. Decisions, decisions, lol.


The reviews aren’t as glowing as I expected, but overall still quite good. I’m seeing some disappointment with gaming performance, but I am getting it as a development machine and desktop workstation replacement, so that doesn’t concern me.

Honestly the negative aspect of the reviews mostly center around price vs performance, and I don’t think most of us expected the FW16 to shine in that regard. Reviewers saying you can get more performance for less money elsewhere, which we already knew, probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. I want a modular and upgradable laptop, and that’s what I’m paying for and the FW16 excels at that.

I’m still pumped to get mine soon. I am a little disappointed in the flexibility of the display, but that’s about it.


Overall about what I expected, a little dissapointed in the keyboard flex but the quick mod shown in the LTT video seems reasonable.

I’m keeping my pre-order because my current personal laptop is nearing a decade of service, and needs replaced. I’ve used a friend’s FW13 before and it’s just too small for me, so the FW16 is the obvious choice, especially since I like messing and tinkering and upgradeability.


Not concerned, keeping my batch 1 preorder. I expect some issues that may or may not be resolved, and am fine with that. I have a batch one and batch 6(?) or so 11th gen 13" Framework machines, that had some issues, but that eventually were resolved to my satisfaction. Others may have a different opinion. The batch 1 has been my daily driver since I received it and I still love it.


For me, I’m not too concerned. Reviewers basically got final validation machines, not early mass production. So most of the things I’m pretty confident are fixed, from a hardware perspective, for the mass production units.

Software side, I’m feeling OK, although sounds like the first few batches will be a little rough on the UEFI/drivers side of things. I’m confident they’ll be ironed out.

One aspect that I was hoping was better was runtime (without dGPU), but it’s sufficient for me. Looking forward to hopefully having a battery expansion module on the back that’ll give a boost for an extra couple of hours.


Quite concerned, but almost entirely about the build quality issues, specifically about the lid flex. Keyboard seems like an easy enough fix, thermals are the price one pays and also already partly fixed. I’m in batch 11, so I finally get to wait and watch. Massively disappointed in the 7700S’s RT performance, but that’s what its being an expansion bay is for, yeah? Not Framework’s fault anyway. I was just hoping AMD would get better with it.


I was hoping this thing could beat top-end stuff from Asus and Apple….too innocent for me….still expecting to having my fw16 though. Hope it could beat MacBook Pro and zephyrs 16 later.

I am thinking of replacing my Framework 16 or Framework 13. I do not see reasons to get 16.

I waited 16" because of better performance and better screen/keyboard. The screen is not 4K (and DPI is too low for 16"), keyboard is worse than 13, performance is only 5% bigger than in 13".

So I think 13" will fit me better.

They did say, that they are intended to by like the consumer devices they will be shipping out. There were a few issues, that they have since fixed, but none of them have to do with the build quality or keyboard. Check their most recent email.

Well, it’s not the expansion bay so much, as simply AMD GPU. It’ll be really interesting in the next year or two if they come out with updated AMD & Nvidia dGPUs of similar generation. Compare them head to head in a laptop, like we can in desktops.

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For me I am willing to bite the cost of the machine. It’s their first 16 in model. Sure I can get similar performance from less expensive laptops but they come with the hit on repairability.I will keep my pre order and use it as my Linux machine. I would like to see how it fares in compared with my 16” MacBook Pro & my Asus M16. I will have the trinity of OS :grinning:.

Edit: Just wanted to add that F16 from my perspective is absolutely great. You can easily swap the keyboard & trackpad. Their internals are easily upgradable and they have a freaking swappable GPU. The shear amount of engineering to have the laptop with this amount of modularity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


All I meant is that the expansion bay means swapping stuff is a total piece of cake, and that’s beyond satisfying. I do want to see those comparisons, though. I frankly doubt Nvidia dGPUs will come around any time soon, but we’ll see.

I’m actually a little bit bummed out by the reviews. I have daily driven a batch 5 11th gen i5 FW13 since I received it, and I feel like I might be better off upgrading it to the 7840 and upgrading my desktop graphics than getting a gaming laptop that only does so well.

I think I’ll wait until batch 2 or 3 goes out to make a final decision (I’m in batch 6), but I can’t say I’m fully impressed to the tune of $2500. I know the 7700S will outperform my aging rx 580 desktop, but I’m not sure I can justify getting a second Framework.

That said, I do really wish my FW13 was bigger.