How long before Dbrand skins?

From what I see, they have 13" skins, but how long did it take them to produce those after the 13" release?

I don’t think you can use how long it took them to make 13" skins as a guide. Framework was a brand-new company back then, sales were much less. Whereas, the FW16 preorders have been selling like hot cakes. More potential sales, right up front, for a 16" skin should make things different.

Best to just try contacting Dbrand. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they plan to have them available as soon as the FW16 starts shipping.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if dbrand get a batch 0/Batch 1 computer for testing/measuring/verifying the dimensions.

Unfortunately they don’t make the Red Dragon Skin any longer. I have that on my Framework 13 and it’s awesome.
When questioned why, their autobot got extremely upset and threatened to take over the world. :scream:


I had asked them before and they confirmed that they were planning on making skins but Im not sure how long it’ll take to do it. I would assume Framework may have sent them an engineering sample like with some YouTubers so they could make the skins by the time they start shipping (at least I hope lol)


The dbrand Framework 16 skins are up! What does everyone think? The problem comes in if you plan on changing your keyboard layout (numpad or not) often, then many of the skins won’t match up as you move the lower floating panels from one side to the other. If you were only looking at a top skin, then no worries.

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Ordered mine yesterday. Obsdian Would have preferred Red Dragon but it is no more!

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Obsidian is one of my favorites and avoids the inner input panel mismatch issue (no inner skin available).

I have obsidian on my MBP and Magic Keyboard, and will probably go with it for my FW16. I might also consider Warzone. What did Red Dragon look like?

I’m actually pretty disappointed.
I contacted them about an FL16-version weeks ago and was looking forward to disguise my FL16 as a marble brick, just like you can do with the FL13 when choosing the “White Marble” design without the logo-cutout. But the FL16 version has no cover for the hinge part and some ugly cutout on the opposite side breaking that illusion… :unamused:

seems like the FWL13 also has that weird line on their website, but from your own experience the real skin doesn’t have a line? so maybe it’s some bug on their website?
The hinge part is a bummer, but i think it still looks cool. I think I’ll definitely get some skin for my FWL16

Ha. I was envisioning it as theft deterrent. Crooks scanning an area for juicy laptops to steal. Sigh, just a couple marble bricks. :dotted_line_face:

Red Dragon was dark red rough textured skin. They did it in black also,[quote=“Larry_S_Atwood, post:13, topic:39097, full:true”]
Red Dragon was dark red rough textured skin. They did it in black also,

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There does appear to be some sort of vent/grill on the top half? Not sure what it is exactly, but that’s probably why the Dbrand skin has that cutout.

The white line at the front?
Looks like a plastic section for antennas. The wifi/BT antennas seem to be located right there.

I, too, asked dbrand about the Dragon variants and if they were bringing them back for the 16. Apparently not. :frowning: They look good from the pictures I have seen.

Aha, thanks! I was trying to look for the top cover kit before in the Marketplace but couldn’t find it… But yeah, that makes a lot of sense why the skins wouldn’t cover that.

And… I’m conflicted with the Dbrand skins. Their current offerings feel kinda… lacking. Some of the options (notably, the Damascus ones) don’t include skins for the palm rest and/or trackpad. Some options don’t exist anymore, like getting the carbon fiber pattern in different colors. It also seems like they don’t let you customize a set, with different styles for different parts. For example, I got their skins for a Surface Book, with different patterns for the top/bottom, for the trackpad, and for the Microsoft/Windows logo.


The metallic skins may reduce the signal if they cover that section, but there is no reason for non-metallic skins to have the cutout. I guess they just wanted all of the skins to be the same. So they just all get the cutout, even when it’s pointless. Disappointing.

Same. The old configurator was way better (like being able to actually configure stuff). But the quality and customer service still is best compared to anything I have seen

Nice, disguised as a red plank…too bad they don’t offer it anymore :frowning: