How long before Dbrand skins?

From what I see, they have 13" skins, but how long did it take them to produce those after the 13" release?

I don’t think you can use how long it took them to make 13" skins as a guide. Framework was a brand-new company back then, sales were much less. Whereas, the FW16 preorders have been selling like hot cakes. More potential sales, right up front, for a 16" skin should make things different.

Best to just try contacting Dbrand. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they plan to have them available as soon as the FW16 starts shipping.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if dbrand get a batch 0/Batch 1 computer for testing/measuring/verifying the dimensions.

Unfortunately they don’t make the Red Dragon Skin any longer. I have that on my Framework 13 and it’s awesome.
When questioned why, their autobot got extremely upset and threatened to take over the world. :scream:

I had asked them before and they confirmed that they were planning on making skins but Im not sure how long it’ll take to do it. I would assume Framework may have sent them an engineering sample like with some YouTubers so they could make the skins by the time they start shipping (at least I hope lol)