How often would you upgrade the mainboard?


I’m trying to plan financially. I have an AMD 7840u mainboard with 32GB RAM as my main computing device (instead of the desktop and laptop I used to have), and I use it primarily for programming/productivity work, with some GeForce Now gaming on the side.

How often would you say it is reasonable to upgrade the mainboard, given the above?

I’m currently planning for every 2 years, aiming for the top-tier model available (estimating about £700 based on current predictions), but unsure if this is too frequent/not frequent enough for my use case. I know everybody’s mileage may vary.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

I’m upgrading every 6 years or so.
Without you telling us what your actual computing demands are, there is no telling.


It also depends what’s on offer and what it will get you for your hard-earned money.

I started out with an 11th gen Core i7-1165G7. The 12th gen was the first upgrade offered, and the difference between the two was huge. The 12th gen (somewhat) doubles cores, the Core i7-1260P is like a Core i7-1165G7 with a slight generational improvement but 8 more cores bolted on. With a proper scheduler, the performance difference is huge. It was a good upgrade.

The AMD upgrade was interesting - no more heterogeneous cores! But the performance difference was small, 10-15% maybe. It’s the graphics performance that had a huge increase. I’m not a gamer, so it didn’t matter. I’ll wait the AMD upgrade out.

The 13th gen Intel upgrade was also not very useful for me. It’s a 10-15% performance improvement and an efficiency improvement, but that’s about it.

If there’s another huge performance increase released this year or next year I’ll consider it.


I get in line with Fraochs response. I started with the 12th gen and while I enjoy the AMD option, it makes no sense for me or the environment.

Once there will be an bigger upgrade I will probably get the NAS enclosure so my old mainboard doesnt go to waste.

That one I will use for my future dumb TV, hopefully sold by Framework then (I am an optimist :D).

In general, like for my phone as well, I now think about what my old devices will do once I get a new one.

Because a drawer full of old unused devices aint cutting it anymore.

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That’s the curse I’m feeling right now. Started with 11th gen, then upgraded to 12th. But unlike a couple of our responders, I do game. So I’m sittin’ here drooling over the AMD board’s doubled iGPU speed. At the same time, however, there’s also the idea of just going “hecc it,” and just running an eGPU until I see what comes next for both Intel and AMD on FW.
Past that, I’m usually a ~2 year upgrader.

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I dont have time for gaming anymore, but I do have an eGPU that will last me 4+ years for media transcoding and alike.

Can recommend it with the intel variant.


I plan to keep my mainboard for at least 5 years but I don’t do any gaming on it. FSR and other similar technologies should make it easier to keep the mainboard for gaming for at least 3 years

For document productivity, no need to upgrade. For graphics work or gaming, upgrade to AMD, but you’ll lose 4 X Thunderbolt 4 port. I would advice keeping the Intel mainboard and, using a Thunderbolt 4 dock w/ external GPU for gaming.

If you want a top-model gaming Framework, wait for FW16 with a better dGPU. The current dGPU is not very energy-efficient (high power consumption at a given performance) and throttling/battery drain is a problem.