Upgrade Kit vs Mainboard?

I am new to the Framework laptop and considering buying my next laptop within a year. The framework laptop catches my eye for its ability to upgrade only the parts I need.

My questions are:
(1) Is it possible to only upgrade the mainboard (in order to upgrade CPU) over the years? Suppose I only use i-5 CPU. The Mainboard for i5-1135G7 is only $399 and i5-1240P is only $449. Supposing I upgrade only the mainboard every 5 years, it would save lots of money in the long run.
(2) Why there is the upgrade Kit i5-1240P exist in the marketplace? Why is there a lid for extra around $100 included in this kit? Is this the case that every time I want to upgrade the CPU, I have to buy the upgrade Kit? The total cost for upgrade is mainboard + a lid?

Thank you very much for the more details and explanations. Hope framework to be very successful in the market!

Yes you definetly can :slight_smile:

Nope you can just buy a motherboard, when they are available :slight_smile:


I’m thinking the same as you. I have no doubt that the CNC machined lid is stiffer than the original formed lid. Personally I have no problems with the stiffness of the lid, so I’m probably just going to get the mainboard.

If you don’t already have a Framework laptop, it’s logical to assume that the 12th gen Framework laptops will all use the new CNC milled lid. You won’t need it.

I’m guessing the upgrade kit is intended to bring all the 11th gen Framework laptops up to the 12th gen specs, that these are the only two components requiring substantial changes.

The intention is to supply new motherboards for existing chassis. The top cover is a surprise and unexpected.

In the future, there should be a 13th gen or maybe even an AMD 6000 mainboard. The intention is to always have these in the same form factor as all previous motherboards - otherwise there would need to be changes to the bottom cover and possibly the keyboard and that would get messy and expensive.

It’s a safe bet to assume that 13th gen will be DDR5 only and possibly use PCIe 5.0 but since these slots are included with the mainboard, we’ll be covered.

This is the first upgrade and the top lid was unexpected. Mainboards should be offered into the future and just replacing the mainboard will fully upgrade the laptop. Perhaps other parts will be replaced too and be offered with motherboards as upgrade kits? But the system is working as intended, everyone with an 11th gen laptop now can purchase the upgrade kit and have an upgraded laptop identical to a new 12th gen laptop. Or they can just upgrade the mainboard and at least have the major components upgraded.


And the blog post does indeed say that:

The Top Cover (CNC) is built into all configurations of the Framework Laptop launching today


Thanks for your detailed explanation. Really hope that framework laptop can manage to keep the same form factor in the long run :grinning: