How to enable fingerprint sensor on Fedora 34 Respin

Sorry, I’m sure this has been covered elsewhere. All the threads I’ve seen don’t really talk in as much detail about this step as I’d like.

I’m not that experienced with Fedora. Where do I go to actually enroll a fingerprint? How would I know if the fingerprint sensor isn’t being registered?

This might be a Fedora question. If anyone is generous enough to link the documentation for it / the place I’d go to ask, I’d be obliged.

I downloaded the KDE Respin from the pinned thread about Fedora 34 on the Framework laptop.

EDIT: Looks like KDE doesn’t have the GUI in place for fingerprint addition. This doesn’t really seem like a Framework problem, but if anyone has a link to the documentation for adding fingerprints without GUI…

Yes, there’s no fingerprint login support for KDE. Adding it via the terminal will allow it to be used as authentication for sudo, providing config is done.

Even if there’s no UI per se, the login itself might work provided you setup PAM correctly? For example, swaylock has no UI to deal with fingerprint unlock (or U2F keys, for that matter), but all of that works fairly well given that PAM is setup properly.

Doesn’t matter anymore, fingerprint support for KDE was merged into mainstream. KDE Plasma 5.24 introduces it.