How to get a hard shell case for the FW laptop

Step 1. Pray
Step 2. Curse that nobody has created one
Step 3. Buy shell for Surface laptop…and realize it doesn’t fit
Step 4. Remember that services/websites such as exist for custom cnc machining
Step 5. Ask community/support for CAD files (current step)
Step 6. ???
Step 7. Profit


As an alternative you could buy a skin from dbrand, although I know it’s hardly the same as an actual hard shell case.

I’m honestly not too woried about banging up the case, you can always buy and install a fresh set later, you get better thermals and less bulk.

One advantage of higher repairability is higher disregard for the thing as it can be fixed, at least on my case. :rofl:

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@Daru I already have a dbrand skin, it does nothing to protect from drops. A case wouldn’t hinder thermals in the slightest since the chassis isn’t used as a heatsink. As for how repairable it is…sure but you know whats better than repair? No damage at all. A case could cost as little as $50, compare that to the cost of a replacement cover or screen, it isn’t even close.

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Well, I heard back from support. They have no CAD files to distribute. This is extremely disappointing. I haven’t a 3D printer or I would just start prototyping and figuring out how to use CAD software along the way. It also doesn’t really make a lot of sense as the top cover at least is CNC’d so presumably they have the files necessary for me to have at least a top cover shell created. Looks like I may have to try to do this myself.



Does anyone have any advice on finding a hard case for the Framework 13? Anxiously Framework don’t make any, and the odd form factor might make it hard to find compatible cases.

Any ideas?

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Hey @GhostLegion, I’m also thinking it’s a good first step to try printing a case. My framework is too bendy without a case (and interferes with clicking on the mouse pad when using the laptop on uneven surfaces), so something that snaps on and adds a bit of structure would be quite welcome. Did you get started on anything? Have you looked at ?