Can I use corner guards for framework 13

My framework laptop will arrive soon.But I need protection and there aren’t any hard cases compatible so I thought of corner guards. does any of you know if there are any corner guards compatible with the framework laptop 13

I searched, but didn’t see any corner guards designed for any laptop at all. Perhaps you’re talking about something different from what I’m thinking of. Only thing I found was furniture corner guards.

Oh. Does any of you know if I can 3D print corner gaurds then. Or does any of you know what dimensions the corners have to 3D print

Sadly I don’t see 3d models for the laptop shell on Framework’s github Framework · GitHub
If you do design corner guards, it would be nice if you share the files, I’m sure there are others that would be interested.

Found this thread about a hardshell or corner guards. Hard shell | case for framework laptop wanted

Would those be the same type of corner guards you’re talking about?