How to get an invoice?

It is possible to request the “Steuerbescheid” of your shipment from DHL Express, which is the official customs document stating the paid import tax (EUSt) by DHL Express in your(!) (not Frameworks) name. Maybe this might be useful for some of you.

(and some many more pages with every little detail and part)

Just send a mail to

mail address

with your DHL bill no (AWB 0000000000) and ask for your “Steuerbescheid”.

Fun fact: The Framework Laptop is a “LAPTOP (TRAGBARE AUTOMATISCHE DATENVERARBEITUNGSMASCHINE UNTER 10 KG GEWICHT)” = portable automatic data processing machine with less than 10kg weight


According to my customs sheet, they actually to my surprise paid taxes on the total price, not only the net value.

That is super cool, thanks for sharing this! This document might indeed be enough proof for the tax authorities that the import VAT has been paid on behalf of the buyer. @Michael_Siebert @Ingo_Korte it would be super interesting to know whether this would actually make your accounting departments happy.

Still it would be much more desirable of course if Framework were to offer an easier way to purchase stuff for businesses, which apparently is in the works and will hopefully be available soon.


The Support will surely correct the Price information and Part list if you request it.

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Thank you so much. I got an email answer with all the documents attached within 5 minutes. :sweat_smile:


The problem is that I guess even with a corrected invoice, the “Steuerbescheid” mentioned by @biber is most likely incorrect because of the wrong invoice. As far as I am concerned I would rather not mention this “affair” to my accounting appartment as @Oliver suggested. I’m afraid to wake sleeping dogs. :grimacing:


This will definitely be the case. I don’t know why but Framework is taxing their products more or less completely wrong… So more or less we all pay more than we’d have to:

We as customers pay tax included, let’s say 1000€ to be simple. That would be 840,34€ net + 159,66€ tax for Germany (19%).
But since it gets declared gross value on the commercial invoice, we pay tax on the full 1000€, so that’s 190€ instead of ~160€ (= 30€/19% more tax paid than neccessary).

I don’t even want know about the Commercial Invoices which stated EUR but with values still in USD like yours and others… That would be an additional 10% or so.

Well, at least you (or rather Framework) paid more tax than necessary (for you), not less. :smiley:

I came to the forum because the customer support is really unhelpful. Great to see, that I am not the only one who’s frustrated about framework in that respect. Seriously, WTF? I would be surprised if it’s legal to sell products without an invoice in Europe.


In het last few weeks, as promised I’ve set an inquiry to support as well, to ask if they could maybe retroactively provide a tax invoice (now, or maybe later if they improved their process), or if not that, a “commercial invoice” that also lists the software license I purchased (which is missing from the customs invoice).

Here’s what they told me (over a dozen or so messages):

  • The commercial invoice is intended for customs only, not for " individual use or usage as a formal invoice of purchase".
  • They pointed me to the order/shipping confirmation e-mails, which do contain the full list of products and prices (but not VAT).
  • They provided me with a screenshot from their internal order system, which does list the (total) VAT amount for the order (it’s still not a proper tax invoice, lacking VAT tariff, invoice number, addresses, VAT number, etc. but I’m considering to use it in my books anyway).
  • Framework is not currently VAT-registered in the Netherlands, that process is running but not complete yet. Apparently only the German registration is “far along in the process but still not fully complete”.

Especially the last point is weird, given that they do list a Dutch (and German) VAT number. I asked about this, which they escalated to the finance team, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.

I wonder if maybe they already have VAT numbers assigned, but not completed the full registration yet? And maybe they are collecting VAT already, but are keeping it for now until they finish VAT registration and will be paying the VAT to our local governments retroactively in bulk later or so?

Here’s one excerpt from a response that could suggest this, note the remark about “capturing VAT”.

We do not have a Dutch VAT number for Framework as we are not registered. That is all in process with the business infrastructure that is being
built out for launch, hopefully later this year. In order to have a VAT number/ID, you must be registered with the tax authorities and that in
itself is a process that takes time. As of right now, only our German registration is far along in the process but still not fully complete. We
capture VAT as is our duty by law in order to sell/ship our product to the Netherlands, but again, we do not have a dedicated VAT ID for your
country as of yet, per my previous messaging.

Looking at the Dutch rules, a tax invoice is only required when selling to businesses (plus some specific cases, like wholesale or new vehicles). Maybe some proof of purchase is still required, but not a full tax invoice (with all of its requirements).

See Wie zijn verplicht te factureren? (Dutch)

Seems EU rules are similar: VAT invoicing rules

That does include a tax invoice requirement for selling to consumers when “distance selling when taxable in another EU country”, but I suspect that in this case (and I think this is mandated for consumer purchases by the article 33 linked), the transactions are actually taxable in the country of the consumer and an invoice is not required (that would mean that Framework is required to pay local taxes, so there is no need to go through the hoops of getting a tax refund in another country).

This is also interesting, as it suggests that DHL pays the VAT on behalf of Framework after all, which would not be entirely consistent with my theory above…

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It is indeed like this. - Framework itself doesn’t pay any taxes themselves (at least directly).

They are using the services of DHL Express, who will register the shipment at customs (on behalf of you as the receiver), pay the arising import tax, and will bill the amount to Framework (+ service fee) instead to you. (Therefore we are also more or less paying import tax on the paid tax included in the price…)

Otherwise there would have to be a customs document stating framework paid the taxes beforehand to the customs. But since they didn’t do that, DHL Express did all of the customs work.


As soon as there will be info that framework laptop is able to issue invoices that will be acceptable without hassle for german accounting departments I will try, that the framework laptop will become the standard laptop in my company. :grinning:
That as an result of a exceptionally good experience with the customer support regarding Fan Noise (Fan noise after a week of use)
Keep up the good work!


Great to see some community progress here.

  1. The scan you uploaded says. " Hinsichtlich aller angemeldeten Waren nicht zum vollen Vorsteuerabzug berechtigt" Does anyone know what it means?

  2. I lost my AWB / sticker on the package, so if you have the same problem here is what I did. The original Email did not have a tracking link but hub-ez recognized it and still has records of my shipment from Feb.
    In the details it states the DHL AWS “Shipment handed to coloader - DHL Alternate Number xxxx”

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I didn’t have the AWB number either. I asked with the DHL tracking number and I also mentioned my delivery address, to give some evidence, that I really was the recipient of the packet. Then they sent me the documents by email within a few hours.
I think the alternate number is the DHL tracking number.

Currently having the same problems with FedEx and shipping to germany. I’m already in Email contact with Framework-Support and FedEx-Support regarding this matter.
Thanks to the provided information here, I think I’m now on the right track. Thank you all for sharing, it was very helpful.

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