How to glue the fingerprint scanner cover back on?

While cleaning i was fiddling with the fingerprint scanner when the plastic cover came off, exposing the underside. Everything still functions fine, but the cover won’t stay on leaving a hole in the laptop. I covered it with a piece of tape assuming i could leave it like that temporarily, but the scanner doesn’t work with tape on it. What is the best way to reattach the plastic piece? Picture shows what it looks like


What kind of solvent or cleaning agent where you using? I ask because looking at my fingerprint scanner I don’t have even the slightest wiggle in the plastic cover. Doesn’t fix your problem but might help others to not have the same problem.

Ah i need to clarify what i said originally. Although i was using some ZEISS Lens Wipes (doesn’t say the cleaning formula on their website), i only wiped that area maybe once, so i doubt it was the solvent. After that i started pushing on the cover with my fingers because i was wondering if it was a separate piece. I did indeed find out it was

Honestly, if you haven’t already, I would contact Framework customer support and see if they have any advice for you. It is still working which is nice, but I’m not sure if the cover is for cosmetic reasons only. I speculate that it also protects the components of the sensor as well.