13" 11th generation model - power button/fingerprint reader cover loose

What it says on the tin, really. The power button has come loose and is hinging upwards on what looks like the connector for the fingerprint reader. It’s still functional in all respects. I can temporarily push it back into place, but it inevitably pops loose again even without significant force applied to the machine.

Since I’m going on an extended trip overseas in two weeks or so, I would like to lock the thing down to prevent actual issues from developing. Perhaps a micro-dab of superglue would do the trick…?

Though it would not be the prettiest, a piece of frosted Scotch tape would hold it down until you could get it repaired/replaced. I am trying to remember if there is a little bracket assembly that holds it in place underneath. The fingerprint portion might work through the tape even.

Alternatively, a tiny amount of rubber cement will come off pretty clean when you need it to later. Super Glue is great at bonding but not as easy to remove!

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