How's everyone's [55Wh] battery health and wear looking?

I’m curious to see what everyone’s battery wear is looking like after a few months of use. In theory the battery is rated for 1000 cycles before 20% wear which should be at least 2-3 years, but after ~230 days of use mine is already at 15% wear. Considering that I haven’t been abusing the battery (and in fact have had it capped to 80% since BIOS 3.07 came out), there’s no way it has more than that number of cycles on it. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with my specific unit and I should contact support or if this is expected.


How did you check the battery ?

I wonder how the 15% is assessed ?


If you’re on Windows, you can find the battery wear either using HWiNFO64, like this:

Or you can also check it from the bottom of the sleepstudy report, like this:
Framework battery health 2022-04-22 (2)

Not sure on how to do it under Linux.

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I’ve had mine for ~8 months and I’m seeing 2.2% wear. However I am plugged in most of the time (with an 80% cap).

FYI there’s a dedicated report for this that you can generate using powercfg /batteryreport in an admin command prompt. There you can see drain sessions and battery health over time.


Ah I knew I was forgetting a more relevant powercfg command for this. Thanks for the reminder. And yeah I guess if you’ve been running it plugged in your wear is going to be much lower, so that doesn’t tell me much. I think I’ll wait for a few more data points before I decide whether to contact support regarding this.


Only had the laptop 4 weeks: max charge 90% : use mostly unplugged

1000 cycles to drop 20% ???

That may be true for the design and maybe some do, ??? I doubt it though.

If the battery is fully charged and emptied that’s the best part of 3 years or 7% a year.

So 3.6% in 4 weeks does not make sense etc. In 20 weeks that’s 18% ???

However I don’t trust the reading and I imagine there is a big change in the first ‘10’ full charges.

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Batteries never actually have designed capacity. So that 3.6% wear level over 4 weeks is not linear. It most likely shipped with 1-2% wear already and actual wear across 4 weeks is accordingly less.


I’ve had mine for about a month and a half, battery wear is at round 1.7%. I set it to limit the charge to 80% except last weekend when I went on a trip.
Looks like it’s not dropping very fast, but I will make sure to keep track on it as the battery on my old MacBook Pro degraded very fast on me.


Owned since 3rd week January, currently at 4% wear via HWMonitor at 60% battery charge limit. My usage is about 50 continuous hours a week and I am mostly plugged in.

I’ll be following this thread, too. I’m in an unsupported country so I’m prolonging my battery as much as I can until my country gets support (if at all).

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That was yesterday today it’s 4.8%


I’ve had mine since early December 2021, and HWiNFO64 reports a wear level of 0.8%. I use mine on the charger most of the time, with the charge limit set to 80%.


I have definitely seen it fluctuate by around a percent before, especially when doing deeper charge cycles. I wouldn’t worry about daily changes too much.

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Had mine since late August, and I’m at 10% battery wear on both HWinfo and SleepStudy. I usually keep mine off the charger and set a charge limit when BIOS 3.07 first came out, but pretty quickly set it back to 100%.


My charge_full / charge_full_design show 98.9% health. IIRC it was like 100.4% of design full charge on the first day I got it in hand. Not bad for 6 months of use, the first two at 100% SOC a lot of the time before BIOS 3.07 and ectool was available, 85% SOC most of the time since. Probably ≤ 100 partial discharge cycles to ~30-50% DOD, only one or two self discharge to 0% DOD events (due to upower package not actually triggering sleep when commanded to).

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Hwinfo says 0.0% wear on mine. Got it about a month ago and use it at least 12h a day on the original charger 95% of the time with a cap of 80%.

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0%wear…because the battery has yet to reach another 100% change.

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Interesting. So if I charge to 100%, I should get a value there? I may do this just to see =)

Yeah. Wear value is calculated from having the current full charge value against the design capacity value. So, you need to do a ‘new’ full charge before you know what the current wear is.

…the kicker here is that charging to full charge will wear the battery (as you already know)…so knowing the wear has a cost.


Doing that once a month won’t have much of an impact I imagine, plus the 100% recorded by the software isn’t necessarily 100% of the battery capacity as the manufacturers are sure to protect the battery for the sake of warranty etc.

Mine is from Batch 5 (got it in mid-November and about 164 days of usage) and right now tlp-stat -b is showing 96.5% battery capacity (so 3.5% wear), which isn’t too bad at all.

I regularly unplug to run on battery as much as possible and have a charging threshold set to 80%.

[edit] I learned from posts above that that value isn’t calculated until a ‘full’ charge (which I haven’t done for months now, basically ever since 3.07 came out). I’ll have to set the charge limit to 100% and see the updated value. I’ll edit my post once I have that.

[edit2] Huh. Now tlp-stat -b is showing 97.4% capacity, so 2.6% wear. Better than its earlier estimate.

[edit3] I repeated the last part as a separate comment so that it’s easier to find.