[IDEA] Macbook like USB C Hub - Expansion Card

I saw on this community this “idea” isn’t discussed as much as I thought.
I saw recently those usb-c hubs design for the macbook pro:

Here’s a picture and some links, so you can get the Idea

I think you’re getting what I mean: all of them has 2 usb c for the whole hub, I don’t know why a one usb c variant doesn’t exist that does the same job… is it because the hub is made for thunderbolt 3? maybe?

So I’ve begun a month ago looking for something that does this specific job I need, but no luck, almost.

Here’s what I’ve found that has at least one single usb c:

  • Link 1
    • It doesn’t have an HDMI and another usb-c for data
  • Link 2
    • Has all the features but it has the usb-c male plug centered, which covers the other port if plugged.

I even tried to make it on my own by using a spare expansion card and buying a “normal” usb c like this:

Opened it and “tried” to route the cable 90 degree from it’s origin,
but the result is… kinda messed up…

Does it work? Of course not.

So yeah, I believe in the community help to achieve what I am looking for or something close enough.
If you can find a hub that is indeed like the design above, has one single male usb-c, and as hub ports at least 1 PD, 1 Usb-C, 1 HDMI and 1 Usb-A or more, that ships in EU, it would be nice.