Huge price difference between EUR and US

Why is it, that the US variant - when I choose US as my location - is 1699 US Dollars and it’s a whooping 2100 US Dollars, when I buy it from Europe?

Is that some European tax or just … idk?

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I assume this is VAT.


Extra insurance/carriage and of course, VAT.

$, £, € it’s the same number :slight_smile:

1,700 + 20% = 2,040 (UK VAT)

There is no import tax on computers under 10Kg in the UK

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Yup, VAT. VAT is not a thing in the US, we just have sales tax (typically around 7-10% depending on the state) which is added at checkout and not listed in the original price.


As folks have noted, the two differences are VAT, which is included for EU and UK, and not for US, and the two year warranty for EU and UK vs the one year warranty for the US.


I was watching this video from Dave 2d where he pre orders a framework 16 for 2101 dollars. But when i tried to make a order for the exact same laptop my prive came to be 2343 euro wich is equal to 2570 US dollars. That s a huge increase in price for the same laptop. How can that be?

Video i am talking about:Framework 16 - Performance vs Price... - YouTube

The price difference is almost 22%, which is typical for VAT in Europe.

In the US web stores do not include VAT, but it is mandatory in most European countries, hence the price difference.

It’s quite nice that Framework does not charge more for European customers.


Fellow european here, so i also can’t explain in detail.
But from my understanding american prices pretty much never include any taxes, because every state or county or other local jurisdiction has different tax rates.
So in order to compare european vs USA prices you basically have to add about 20% to the american price, or better yet, figure out what the taxes on sales are in your country and subtract that from the € price

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Dave’s not paying a sales tax rate set across the entire country, as is common in Europe. So it gets added at checkout at the rate for the local state/county/whatever. European countries, they add the VAT into the headline price as per the law.

Also 2 year warranty (as per EU Regulations) vs 1 year.