Framework Laptop Price in EU

Hey guys, does anyone know why the framework laptop is so expensive in Europe in comparison with US? It would be cheaper (or about the same price) for me to catch a flight to New York and buy one there than just ordering one to Europe.
Are there any projections for the price to drop in eur? Maybe storage in europe?

This has been discussed a few times actually, but I believe NRP’s post here explains the cost differences the best:

One of the main things that I think people do not realize is that prices in the US are listed without taxes included. However taxes are only 5-7%.

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Thank you for the fast reply! I guess it explains the majority of the situation

So, I simulated buying one in US and one in EU. The EU version is about 200€ more expensive than the US, even after tax. Same configuration, same options.

This is completly normal all tech is more expensive in the EU not just the Framework laptop.

Sure, but i mean… Usually it´s not woth to fly somewhere and get the same product… :sweat_smile:

Have a look in this thread. You’ll find more answers there.
Most of it seems to be the much higher tax rate and that they are required to have local service support.

As a side note, I’ve been to the Netherlands several times and have noticed they don’t accept Visa or Mastercard in many places. An issue for me as an Australian, since all of my travel cards are Mastercards. I asked in a couple of places and the transaction fees where several percent higher than in Australia.
So that could be effecting their payment processing too.

Have you factored in the cost of a 2 year versus 1 year warranty?

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