I assume that all the expansion cards are hot swappable

All the expansion cards are hot swappable?

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Yes, they are. They all use the same male USB-C connector for connecting to the laptop, and they all possess the same form facter.

The only expansion cards that aren’t hot swappable to every port are those dealing with video output. Some USB-C ports on the mainboard itself may not support modes dealing with video output, so cards such as the HDMI expansion card won’t work in those. Windows and possibly other operating systems should notify you of this, though.


They’re basically just USB adapter and USB is hot-swappable, so yes. The only cards you can’t/shouldn’t hotswap are memory cards that are currently in use (e.g. because you put your OS on them).

And as @Blake_Galbraith wrote, not all ports are the same on the AMD laptops. But that only limits where you can put cards, but not which cards you can hotswap.