I limit charging to 60% and keep plugged in. Why is case above battery always warm/hot?

I set the 60% limit to reduce battery wear & tear, however I notice even with doing simple things like web browsing or youtube viewing, the area above (and below) my battery on the case is always warm and sometimes more than warm.

Shouldn’t there be absolutely zero battery use while plugged in? I can see if I was doing some heavy computing it might take from the battery and charge up, but I’m doing such minimal tasks I can’t imagine I’m exceeding the 65w charger input.

In fact it seems to me that the laptop runs “hot” almost all the time, again just typing this my fan is on and hot air is coming out. Laptop is sitting on flat, hard desk and in a cool room with brightness at 20%.

W11, 32gb crucial RAM, 1tb P31. No major processes running in the background, showing <10% CPU usage, generally about 4%-5%.