I made a fan Ad video for the Framework 16

I’m dying waiting for my Framework 16 to arrive in Batch 4, so I made a render of it to tide me over. I hope you like it!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing, fellow batch 4 waiter.


It looks great! What software did you use for this project and would it be possible to share the project files?

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@JONATHAN_BRIGGS Ha! Thank you! And I cannot wait for that email.

@Elliot_Lu I used Blender! I modeled everything in the scene and followed a course on CG Cookie to do it. Beautifully Minimal Blender Projects | SESSIONS Vol I - Blender Market

As far as sharing the project files, give me some time to think about it. I’ve never had anyone ask for it before, so I’m still thinking through things. The keyboard icons, for instance, are licensed in such a way that I cannot redistribute them legally, so I would need to remove those, etc.

While I’ve been messing around after the fact, I made a couple of still renders off the scenes and I thought I’d share them here, too.

The first one I made to fit my 3440x1440 monitor as a background.

It’d be really nice if you could share the project files, but it’s totally fine if you are unable to share the project files.

I also use Blender for some 3D modeling and tried to model the Framework 16 as well.

Unfortunately it eventually ended up in a scale and topology mess so I had to give up the project.

If you could share the project files I would love to do some edits and add some touches.

Here’s one render that I did before I soon gave up on the project: (Unfortunately my computer doesn’t have a dGPU so I couldn’t do too many renders (One reason for getting the Framework!))

As you can see the spacers aren’t really aligned well cause the topology and measurements were terrible

Here’s the other side:

A bit better but you can see the topology issues on the screen backplate causing the streaking.

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