FW16 Batch 16 Guild

For those ordered a Framework 16 and are “ranked” in Batch 16


Let’s go!
Can’t really wait. But it’s still gonna take some time, I suppose.

Yeah - think so, too. My expectation is somewhere around May/June :slight_smile:
I am preparing stuff already (Programming the QMK stuff, designing a laptop stand etc.)
The good news is that our version of teh FW16 will have most of the early bird problems solved … :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree about the early bird issues that might occur. I am leaving for almost 4 months for canada beginning of June. I am just praying to get mine just before we leave. A bigger screen might become handy compared to the FW13 I currently own. But I am not too hopeful about that. Let’s see!

Boy do I feel sorry for those poor souls stuck in Batch 17: there but for the grace of God go I.


Haha I was wondering if a FW16 Batch 16 (FW16^2?) guild would pop up, but I’m here for it :smiley:.

Looking forward to getting my super goofy QMK build on a laptop (shifted numbers, colemak dh+w, space cadet, etc…)! I got a positive response from the designer at keyshorts about making “negative” stickers (so clear letters against a colored background… Perfect for the clear keyboard!?). Waiting on a quote for that… Could be the first keyboard I own which will actually have all the keys properly labeled :stuck_out_tongue:.

Any weird mods or tweaks folks here are planning?

I am in batch 16 too, already purging some old data from my harddrives so it will all fit on a smaller drive on the laptop.

What is this QMK? I read that it has something to do with the keyboard but why is it useful?
(I probably need to take a look at it too, depending on how it can be used on a framework 16)

I wait waiting to pull the trigger on the FW16 until I was moderately confident I could make it work with a trackpoint keyboard… hence batch 16. It was only until relatively recently that I convinced myself I’d be able to make this work; see Thinkpad keyboard mod (super early stages)! - #53 by C_Scott_Ananian

So anyway yeah it looks like I’ll have keyboard and other hardware mods ready for the FW16 far before my own personal machine ships…

Ha awesome! I’ve been lurking in that thread as well :).

The track point sounds pretty cool to have but I’m excited about the possibility of even more custom keyboard modules if there is a good way to get a bit more z height (sounds like shimming the hinges would work, and maybe printing an extra TPU seal to adhere to the bezel?)… I imagine a split ortho column staggered pair of input modules with spacers in between. Also thinking it would be fun to have a way to pop those out into tented Bluetooth shells when at a table (!).

I am just getting my usual needs ported over from my mechanical keyboards. A bit more trickery on the macropad. I plan to have some combined color changing things depending on the mode the macropad is in. I have something like the below in mind:

For the labeling of those macropad keys, I am interested in clear lables. I planned to print them with my Dymo printer, but that is not really pretty.


Yeah, basically as soon as I saw the actual hinge design from one of the early FW16 reviews I was convinced that it was shimmable, and thus that the strict thickness limitations could be worked around.

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Thanks for sharing!!!
Currently I am working on a stand for the FW16 that allows me to use the internal screen as secondary but at a similar height as my 27". I am still looking for the laptop body thickness at the front, but I used a modular template, so I can get this corrected with just re-printing two parts of the full design.
The gray block in the photo is one of my test prints for the FW16 body thickness (using 14.5mm for now).


I also can’t wait, and agree with other people that it might be May/June. Has anyone heard anything that might indicate a more firm date?

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Right now there are no firm dates as far as I can see. They’re still working on Batch One, which was supposed to go out in Q4 of last year…but they also said all current pre-orders should be fulfilled in the first half of the year…so June seems reasonable, but nothing firm yet.

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This provides some more detail. Looks like full steam ahead.


Batch 16, let’s goooooo!
Glad we have guilds now :joy:


Somehow … even if it is weird … waiting for something I look forward to is such a good time :wink:


Hello all !
Yet an other guy waiting for his Framework 16 in batch 16.
Do we have an idea of how many laptop are in each batch ?

No, but there is a guess of around 1500-2000.
could be larger or smaller though.


I resemble that remark! Or, at least I used to…

I placed my pre-order on 1/29. The configuration page said batch 16 but when I was finished and got confirmation of my deposit, it stated Batch 17 (boo). I was a bit bummed, especially after checking back on the configuration page which still said batch 16… Oh well, no big deal, so I joined the batch 17 guild thread and started digging through the forums for info on Linux Mint compatibility.

Until today when I logged in to my account to look at my build sheet and saw that It now says Batch 16!!!

So I have abandoned the batch 17 guild to their lasting misery and taken my rightful place here with my true brethren in the Batch 16 Guild! :sunglasses::joy:

System: Ryzen™ 7 7840HS
Memory: DDR5-5600 - 32GB (1 x 32GB)

Storage: WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 2TB

Expansion Bay System

Expansion Bay Module: Expansion Bay Shell


Numpad: Numpad Module
Laptop Bezel: Framework Laptop 16 Bezel - Black
Keyboard: RGB US English
Power Adapter Region: US / CA

Expansion Cards

2 x USB-A
3 x USB-C
HDMI (3rd Gen)