I Need a New Video Editor

+1 for avidemux, albeit not for OP’s purposes. They want something feature rich, and avidemux could not be further from that. Best I can tell, it’s basically a graphical wrapper for all command line codecs.

That’s amazing for when all I want to do is trim, crop, scale, and compress some high quality footage to upload a quick low-quality clip to social media, but it’s not for actual editing. It is still a huge part of my workflow!

That does sound nice when I just wanna throw up a clip on social media. I’ll take a look, thanks!

So I’ve downloaded the free DaVinci to try it out, but haven’t had a chance to start a project yet. In the meantime I’m gonna start by watching some videos to get an idea of where things are, and holy cow are there a lot! One thing I loved about Hitfilm were the tutorial videos they put out so is it nice to see a pretty big library by Blackmagic Design themselves, as well as all the third party tutorials.

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