If you're using 6GHz for WiFi, what router are you using?

You’re certainly right, it only pertains to the services you externally want to access.

So, to be thorough, from what I gather, you’re looking for:

Good throughput performance wirelessly (Honestly, there may have to be a compromise here, unless you want to route some Ethernet cables through your property). For multiple devices (Let’s say 4k Streams and Videogames, maybe conferencing as well if you are so inclined to work from home, all at once?)

This probably means you want something with as many sub-channels available throughout the 2.4/5Ghz band? 6Ghz even.

Something that works well together (So yeah, as you said 802.11r or other solution, take Asus’s AIMesh for example with their AX series routers).

Freedom of configuration (For Parental settings, maybe even setting up VPN?).

In line with what I know, Maybe something like this could be to your liking? or this Beauty from NetGear.

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Exactly, I mentioned the Netgear unit in my earlier response. That’s why I’m looking into 6E routers.

At the same time, I’m waiting to see when OpenWRT will have support for any of the 6E routers… might be awhile.

If you like building your own laptop you might be into building your own network a la Unifi. New WiFi standard? Just get a new wifi access point and keep your existing gateway and all of its settings. Bad coverage in your house? You can leave everything else by the cable/dsl modem and find a new home for the AP on the ceiling or in the hall. You can have multiple APs without using extenders or mesh nonsense. Plus it doesn’t look like a dead spider.

You can…but that alone doesn’t take care of AP transition.

Scenario 1 from here:

A purely dumb AP doesn’t fit current needs, as I run multiple services on them…as a cluster.

The thread (not any particular response)…going really off track…it’s like when 5GHz first came out…and people just kept saying “use 2.4GHz…” back then.

All I really need to know, for the purpose of this thread, is: Which Wifi 6E router works well with the Framework laptop over 6Ghz… Not really looking for a network architecture / topology discussion really. But I appreciate the interests.

That’s a Pandora’s Box right there, really trying to pair a NIC / Router combo is a madman’s folly. Especially considering you may swap out your NIC at some point.

Ideally, a good all rounder is probably more suitable. Considering you will be having a veritable plethora of devices connecting to it. Really though, purchasing another AP and using it as a repeater, applying QoS to prioritize devices / Services / Packets is probably the most economical option and there is most likely no discernable difference in service betwixt that and your Mesh dream.

Although I don’t think they have covered it yet, Publications such as Raspberry Pi’s CustomPC Magazine do cover WiFi technologies and offer neat suggestions around pages 60-64 I believe.

I concur that this conversation had probably veered off topic a slight, but I believe it’s been beneficial as it will help readers make a more informed choice when they have a similar query.

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It’s about getting a data point.

Not going base a purchase solely on one NIC. It’s a Framework forum…so I’m scoping the question to a Framework device.

The question is asked here…but it’s not the only question being asked.

So in addition you want to find out more about (What I would think is) the maximum data throughput of the M.2 Port of which the NIC is seated? Beyond that, the rest of the device is irrelevant unless you want to do a deep dive into Thunderbolt technology, which I believe has been already covered.

I’d say the maximum data rate you’re going to see is 1.2Gbps based off of current laptop Hardware. That estimate is based of the common AX120(/60?) NIC found in modern laptops. I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

Another thing to note, specifically on protocols is that they’re useless if the client does not also use the same protocol.

I hope that clarifies things.

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I would think “compatibility and experiences” (in the question) covers that.

I wish you good fortune in your search for an answer.

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