MT7921K cards on sale

Amazon has MT7921K (aka RZ608) WiFi + BT cards on Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale for $14. In my initial testing, these are working better than the Framework provided AX210 (using 6.0.y kernels), in regards to operating in AP mode using WPA3 and 6Ghz support.

OKN WiFi 6 Card AX3000 M2 WiFi Module with BT 5.1 and WPA3 Security, M2 WiFi Card for Laptop Supports Windows 11/10


Thanks for posting this. The theoretical max speed for this card on 5 and 6 GHz is 1200Mbps, vs 2400Mbps for the AX210. I have no complaints in general wrt my setup, but I do have a 6e capable router and would like to make better use of it. Any additional information that you might be able to provide would be most appreciated. For reference, my primary system is on Manjaro running the 6.0.8-1 kernel. My other is on Pop!_OS. I may fiddle with setting up arch with gnome on an expansion card to see how that goes. I’ve been generally happy on Manjaro and don’t relish hopping distros again. I flipped to Manjaro after the latest Pop!_OS update didn’t go well.


Yeah if absolute speeds are your higher priority, sticking with the AX210 as client STA makes sense. Not my priority though.

Manjaro is based on arch, is it not? I am not sure if it is worth the effort of setting up another arch install, probably will be similar results…

Thanks for the reply. Manjaro is arch based, I believe it uses its own repos and holds back updates for a few weeks. I’ve seen a decent amount of grumbling about it, but so far I have been pretty happy with it. Fingers crossed. I’m on the fence regarding the cards, as I enjoy tinkering and would like to make use of wifi 6 and 6e on my router. On the other hand I don’t relish detaching and reattaching the antenna connections. Decisions, decisions.