I'm Curious, could the Magnet of the keyboard affect the HDD?

Hi, people.

I don’t currently own a framework laptop, and I’m also intrested in it. but I have a curios question about the magnet in this laptop, I love this idea (that the magnet holds the keyboard). If I recall right that if you pass a magnet near your hard drive/ or SSD, ur data on it will be wiped out, yeah the magnet should be strong.

  1. but I read that it may happen over time like in this Quora Answer:
    Magnet near a case caused some data loss over time.
    So, Just theoretically is it possible for this weak magnet to cause some data loss over time?

SSDs with which I am familiar do not store data by means of magnetic fields (apparently there is such a device out there that uses something called magnetoresistive ram, but I’d never heard of it before). So no, the magnets in the laptop will not affect the data stored on the SSD.

Disclaimer - I am not an EE, this info is sourced from past experience and duckduckgo.

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yeah, I suspected too that ssd may not be prone to this kind of damage, but my question is more general towards all kinds of storage media (hdd and whatever kind of devices).

Hard drives or any storage media (tapes, for example) that use magnetic charge to flip bits will be susceptible to damage by exposure to magnets.

To use a different example, CDs or LPs are not affected by magnets, cassette, eight-track, and reel-to-reel tapes are.

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A SSD cannot be wiped by magnetic fields.