Can I stick magnets on my midplate?

I suspect this might be a really silly idea, but would it risk any damage to the laptop if I tried to use magnets to track the locations of the screws that I have found and untightened?
I’m a blind user.
Some of the screws don’t sit proud once untighten so I’m likely to stumble over the same ones over and over.

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Just make sure you get all the magnets out when you’re finished. If you miss one and turn it on, there are two components which would be affected by magnets:

  1. The fan. The motor probably would not like a magnet near it, and the fan itself has such tight clearances to its housing that it might drag.

  2. There’s a magnetic switch that detects if the screen is closed. It will shut down the laptop (as if the screen was closed) if there’s a magnet close enough to it.

Other than that, great idea, have at it!


I think that on the Framework Laptop 16 that is actually above the keyboard, not on the left.

Thank you for the correction, my apologies. Edited.