[IN-TICKET] Switching power despite defective Fingerprint module

Yesterday the fingerprint module in my Framwork 13 gave up the ghost: It apparently developed an internal short and got piping hot to the point where I no longer dare to keep it in the device. I am waiting for the support to respond to the issue.

Now I can no longer use my laptop, since it is just not possible to switch it on. Are there other means of switching power? Are there USB-keyboards with “power buttons” that the framework might respond to?


In BIOS, look for the menu labeled Boot. Here you’ll find “power on with AC attach” and also “USB boot” . One or both of these should help you until you can get the fingerprint reader replaced.

Fyi, I sent in a support request Tuesday AM. I am still waiting to hear back. Your issue is far more urgent than mine so hopefully you’ll get a quick reply.

There is a tiny button on the motherboard, top right corner. I’m trying to find a good picture of it. You could use it to get into the BIOS, and then do as @Scott_H suggested.


The black dot in the middle of the button is what you click. Be careful when pressing it, you don’t want to damage it or any tiny parts nearby. You should not to use any very pointy object to push it, e.g. I would not use a pen point. Maybe the blunt back of a pen. If you are on the black dot, the button should not take much force to click.

Thanks for the replies. I was able to source another laptop where I could install the NVME. But wow is it clunky.

For the curious: the fingerprint module apparently exceeds 90°C (200°F). Support got back to me and suggested a BIOS update.

Hi @Simon_Budig. Can you please provide an update to our Support team when you get a chance? Once we have that information, we’ll know what next steps are and would like to have this resolved for you.


Hi Twistgibber.

I replied to the message from support a few minutes before I made the post in this thread. I had to re-send and split up the mails, due to the 33MB limit in your ticket system - maybe this caused it to fall through the cracks?

I had a video of the plastics popping off as well as a video from the thermal camera as well as the requested photos from the internals.

Can you please check if these got through? I’d be happy to resend them.