Input cover made out of resin

Since we can’t get anodized aluminum, another cool option would be to use the same material from the bezels for the input cover.
I’m not sure if it’s possible, but how about mixing the different colored resins together, to make a tie-dye looking cover? (that would be cool, not just cause it’s pretty, but also cause every cover would be unique)
Also maybe we could get some carbon fiber texture or something, like on the Dell XPS.

I’m sorry if this was already suggested, btw

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Does this have a functional purpose?

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No functional purpose, just aesthetic

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I don’t know enough about it to give a definitive answer myself, but I would guess that the type cover is part of the chassis overall rigidity and structure. Resin while a resilient material is not known for its structural rigidity. I’d worry that this would weaken the chassis too much.

Also, I’m not entirely sure, but how reusable is resin as compared to aluminum?


Zero. Thermoset resins are nearly impossible to re-use, as they don’t melt, but only decompose. You could attempt something with solvents, but that’s another nasty territory.

If you have the budget of NASA, you could CNC aluminium oxynitride (ALON: transparent aluminium) to the shape.


Aluminum is strong and environmentally friendly so it seems like a good choice. I haven’t gotten my laptop yet, but If you can separate the aluminum from the other components, you can send it out for anodizing. You can DIY the anodizing if you’re okay with chemicals and car batteries. Or paint the cover, apply a clear coat, and sand it smooth.

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I was actually one of the people who thought of it originally, almost 9 mo. ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to it, and was thinking of doing a mass order. Almost 40 people signed up!

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To add to the comment about rigidity:

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