Input Module Placement Qs

So looking at the input cover on the 16’s promo material, it looks like there is one header strip in the middle shared by both rows. It also looks like not each of the 10 horizontal segments has a header associated with it.

It looks like the headers are populated as follows:
[h, h, h, x, h, h, h, x, h ,h]

Given that, it appears that eight of the 10 segments have a header associated with them. I’m still unsure where the header on the touchpad module is though. I’d be guessing that in the middle position it would land in the center of the three 'h’s in the middle as illustrated above.

I’m curious what all of the possible positions / sizes are for input modules, and if there are any limitations on which headers can be used for what devices, etc…
Are we completely locked into the small/medium/large buckets and the orientations shown in the promo footage?

Side note, but if all of the above assumptions are correct would there be anything to stop me from placing three RGB macropads centered in the top row like a madman? (Quick and dirty ortholinear KB anyone?)


The three headers on the left and the two headers on the right are for the Input Modules. All of the interfaces are the same and are documented on GitHub. The three headers in the middle are for the Touchpad and have a different interface.


Very helpful! Thanks for the insight.