Install BIOS without a battery

How to install a BIOS Update without a battery - important for the Framework Creators…?

If you go through the EFI method…does it still require a battery?

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@Second_Coming Yes, I tired booting from a USB stick and flashing the BIOS, but it still requires the battery, as in Windows.

Oh…this really will need a Framework response then. I don’t think the community has this answer. The only other person that comes to mind is @CJ_Elevated.

Beyond that, Framework might need to produce an update capsule specifically to bypass this battery charging check.

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@Second_Coming yes, or at least some command line switch to disable this. Thanks :slight_smile: - maybe someone from Framework is reading in. Otherwise I will have to write them via mail :slight_smile:

Given that this is a Framework Creator program-level matter, one that goes beyond just one user / incident, I’m guessing someone like @Kieran_Levin & @TheTwistgibber will be on top of this.

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@Second_Coming got it solved myself, at least half the way (flashing via Windows, via UEFI/USB stick is still open): Getting started guide with a bare motherboard

I also could successfully update from 3.07 to 3.10.
Maybe someone could tell me the correct cli switch to make the UEFI update possible without battery? :slight_smile:

Really? No update on this? I have 6 11th gen boards and 2 12th gen.

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Did you read “BIOS Upgrade without a battery (from USB/UEFI)” from the link above?

yes. but I don’t have windows…

Afaik a trial version should suffice.

Disclaimer: Havent tried with Win11! But worth a shot.

Another solution would maybe to unzip the Firmware upgrade, modify the files, zip again and write it to an usb stick. Not sure if someone has written a howto yet.

the uEFI install requires the battery. having to install windows first is giant pain. I will see if a winpe environment, which is bootable from a thumb drive, works.

You should have read further in my posted thread - because there is a section on how to boot this from USB which does not need Windows at all :slight_smile:

@nmaas87 that is a ton of work. installing windows is easier. and you don’t have to reboot several times.

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@Andy_Clemenko I am afraid the reload will be needed at least two times also on Windows, because you need to plug the power supply to the other controller side.
Without a battery, this will sadly stay that way. So basically for the first time you need to have the power plugged into a USB C slot on the left side of the laptop, start windows, start the update. After the update, shutdown windows, plug power to the right side and start the update a second time so that it can flash the other / now inactive controller.