Installing Another OS on Framework


Yes, win 11 was successfully installed onto the expansion card however I removed the NVME during the process, as I couldn’t take any chances. I expect however that there would have been no issues. I have since remove the additional os.

@Shawn_Lewis Thanks - that’s really helpful. Quick question - when it came to selecting which OS booted, was it just a case of hitting F12 at the right time on power-up, or was there something more complicated?

For example, did Windows boot any time the expansion card was fitted and the other OS any time it was absent? Or was it a case of selecting them in grub?

@bmhj, you had to do the boot override with F12. Changing the boot order has nasty side effects. Just having the card in is not sufficient. I suspect that if Windows was first installed on the NVME with the expansion card fitted, and the boot order set, then it may have worked better. I didn’t spend enough time experimenting to find out.