New framework laptop won't boot from usb

Hello everyone,

Today I received my Framework 13 with the 13th gen i7. I put it all together, and booted a windows 11 bootable usb. It booted, and I was at the setup menu for windows, but the trackpad didn’t work.

So, I restarted the computer, and now it refuses to boot from a USB. I’ve tried different usb’s, using different methods to make the bootable USB (windows, and Rufus) disabled secure boot, disabled quick boot, tried type c usb etc. nothing works.

The fans are also full blast while in the bios. Am I missing something? Thanks in advanced

Set up Windows first then run the Framework driver bundle. See if it works then.

I can’t setup windows. It refuses to boot from the USB. I got the diy framework with no os

This is what it says when I attempt to install windows via usb

Does this happen in all USB ports?

Yes on all ports. I even tried a type c dock, and that didn’t work either

You can’t boot from USB-C….The bios doesn’t recognize it, only USB-A. I’ve had this problem when trying to boot up Linux via USB. When selecting boot device, it won’t detect via a USB C port, only via A.

Good to know. I’m going to try and unplug that battery and let it sit for a while. Maybe something happened to the bios? As I got it to boot into the windows install screen once. And after I restarted the computer, it wouldnt recognize USB drive.

I plugged in my phone cable to the USB A port and it charges my phone, so they’re putting out power.

I changed the boot order to, “first”. Still the same thing. I noticed also, that it’s getting very hot and fans are going full blast. So hot, I could barely have it on my lap.

Check if Secure Boot is active in the BIOS.
That prevents booting arbitrary media.

Don’t ask how I know :wink:

Ive already tried that. Still doesn’t want to boot from a USB