Bios does not detect nvme SSD nor bootable usb

I just bought a diy 12th gen and tried to install windows 11. The SSD i installed works (wd sn570 latest firmware confirmed) and the USB bootable drive as well (both tested on different computers). All i get is “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” and when i go to boot manager the bios can’t even see any drives at all.

From what I understand we shouldn’t even need a hard drive though to at least see bios settings should we? Or is it normal that we can’t configure anything at all without a recognized drive?

I know there are lots of threads with titles along the lines of “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” but they tend to be for the rebooting issue after having an os installed. I’ve not once been able to use the laptop yet.

Already asked support but not expecting a quick answer.

Thanks in advance for any insight

You should be able to see the drive in the BIOS.

Pressed F2 repeatedly?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
In the end i ran out of ideas and tried something random which was flashing windows 11 to a different USB drive.

That worked somehow

I skimmed your post but didn’t see it mentioned, have you turned off secure boot in the bios? I would try and see if your install media works with Secure Boot disabled.

Yes, that was something I tried as well after posting it still didn’t work. One notable difference between the USBs was that the one that didn’t work was USB 3.0 and the one which did work was USB 3.2, not sure if that’s the real reason though