Intel ECC laptop 16 with W680 chipset and Alder Lake or Raptor Lake CPU?

After reading in Tom’s Guide that Intel has opened up ECC support as of 12the gen, I took a look, and found it’s only with some CPU’s, not all, although those supporting ECC are denoted as such in the extensive list of 12th gen. CPUs at Wikipedia’s Alder Lake page (and the 13th gen CPUs supporting ECC are so denoted at the Raptor Lake page.

This would seem to be more definitive than AMD’s documentaion of ECC for Ryzen. With some of the core series CPU’s that are listed as supporting ECC being very reasonably priced, consumers in the Intel world should no longer need to splurge for Xeons. What might be the likelihood of these CPUs being used along with W680 chipset in new laptops?

Very little chance - W680 is a desktop chipset.

You’d be looking at WM690 or WM790 for laptop usage paired with an HX CPU.

Ryzen Pro APUs with ECC memory are more likely to be used by the Framework.