Internal eDP 40pin self-test pin connected on display side?

New here - sorry if there was an already existing thread which this could add to. I read through many of the posts but did not feel that they were appropriate places to ask this.


The pinout here for the display side shows pin 22 to be a self_test pin, but the pinout on the board for the display interface does not show a reciprocal self test pin.


I am trying to get longer version of the Framework 13 eDP cable custom-made for a project, and was trying to navigate the pinout diagrams. However, I was not able to locate where the self-test pin connects to.


Does this pin 22 on display side get connected on the mainboard side or is this a no connect?

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FYI, this is close to impossible for anyone except companies and very expensive.

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I am sure this is what OP asked for.
Anyway, I guess asking them for a sample might work:

Thanks for the heads up @Josh_Cook - aware of the costs and working with a rep. Hence the question :slight_smile:

@Ddd I am actually look to keep the form of the cable the same as the one Framework has on their wesbite - just make it longer. Just wanted a comment on whether the self check pin connects on the other side or not.

If this is not clear, I am happy to rephrase!

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Still looking for a response on this - does anyone know someone in particular from the team or otherwise who would be able to help?