Smaller display options

since framework started selling the edp cable by itself, I jumped back into the idea of homebrewing my own smaller framework

what does everyone think about these two;

  • this 2k 10.1 display from Panasonic, panelook link, its a 40 pin edp, uses 2 lanes BUT its edp 1.3, which Im not sure if its compatible with edp 1.4 on the motherboard
  • this 4k 11.6 display from BOE, panelook link , in short its 40 pin non touch edp, edp 1.4 but its 4 lane, far as I know both the framework 13 motherboard and cable are 4 lane compatible, so it should be drop in as far logic dictates.

I might buy the datasheets for both but I dont know if it would be worth the cash to put in the effort, would these have a similar pinout to the default 13.3" display? would it be worth even looking into?

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yay can’t wait to see what you build!

afaict edp1.3 is compatible with edp1.4 hosts! now beware, if it’s 40-pin 2-lane, that might be the edp touch pinout aka 30-pin pinout with usb2 and i2c added in the end, and that’s very much not pin-compatible with the high-res (4-lane) pinout - judging from your text you already know this, but I wanna re-state this to be clear and in case someone else needs to hear it. From the datasheet, the original panel is 2.7 Gbps (HBR1 iirc?) but the cable should be good enough for HBR2 speeds, it’s microcoax and all. Also, I would not expect the mobo to be speed-capped, and DisplayPort allows the host to query the panel for its supported link width/speed/etc which is then used to establish the link, so all should be good.

4-lane should indeed be very much the same pinout as the default screen yes.
wait wait I’m confused I checked both listings and they’re both for 4-lane panels, so the pinout should be correct for both, since there’s only one default pinout for the 40-pin 4-lane!

I’d see if you can buy these panels from a place that does returns, buy the one you like most, then return it if it doesn’t work. I haven’t yet tried other panels, sadly, but someone else totes should!

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thanks for the reply! that’s great news, I’ll probably buy the datasheet to see whats what on the panasonic panel, that one is almost the same width as the the framework motherboard itself so I’d rather use that instead

as for the 11.6 screen, I’m keeping it in mind as an option however, personally, I’d like to go as wide as I’d have to an no more

if I can get just the screen sorted out, the rest’ll probably fall into place, honestly no small thanks to the power shim you made

Watching this thread as I’m interested in smaller displays for a similar Framework project I’m doing. The 10.1" display in the original link is the one I’m most interested in, even if 1600p is kind of overkill for my needs (I would be fine with 1200p or 1280p). I found many of these 10.1" displays are sold with HDMI controller boards, which help with compatibility but at the expense of using more board components and cables. I’d also prefer to have to use EDP only, just not ready to take the gamble yet.

I might buy the display and EDP cable eventually, and if that doesn’t work out, settle for the controller board.