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Hi there ! Is there a way for investors to bring capital to this company ? Retail investors or other type of investors ? I really like the company and the path that they have embarked and i would like to see this company succeed.


Not any time soon, but thanks for the interest!


Is it true that Linus Sebastian of LTT invested in your company? If so, how much(rough estimate?

@Dhon_Buenaventura he ultimately decided against it after polling his viewers and getting no clear ‘yes’ from them.

I’m pretty sure Linus actually mentioned on the most recent WAN Show that he ultimately did invest. A video with his thoughts is forthcoming.


The video has landed: I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This - Framework investment - YouTube

He also says exactly how much the investment cost him, sadly it’s roughly twice what I would be willing to risk on Framework… That said, if the people at Framework were interested in that I would seriously consider investing!

I want to mention that making money off investing is far lower priority to me than seeing Framework succeed!


I would love to invest. I am 100% this company. When the open it up, will be one of the first to buy!


Is their a way for me to personally invest in this compony or buy shares because I love what this compony stands for and it’s practices with modular laptops.

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Yep, interested in this…

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Hi there,
I’m not a client of, just because you don’t have ryzen options and because you don’t sell in Italy but I really like what you do and I would like to invest on your company too.

So, please


@nrp is not looking for additional investment right now. Probably the best thing you could do to support the company at the moment is to buy one when it is available to you.


Linus confirmed in his own video that he invested just shy of $250,000.

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Would love to invest too. Hope there will be a mass email or something for the next round.


Hi all,

Was just wondering if anyone knew would there ever be future funding needed for the company and can individual investors also get in to raise capital on a crowd funding site like crowdcube for example? Would be good if there was a list to get notified if this oppertunity ever opens up in the future.


Good question!
I was wondering the same thing!!

All I know is Linus (the YouTube guy with that face) made a special deal and got preferred shares. Who knows what the terms are.

At any rate, he said something about funding rounds being closed.

Until they’re publicly traded, i think chumps like us (speaking for myself) with less than a quarter million $ will have to wait for IPO, and even then, we’ll be last in line after the initial price jump.


I’m also very interested. Would love to help financially back an effort such as this.

Currently the best backing is to buy their product as direct investments are not available for consumers.

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I would say right now if you want to invest in this company, yes buy their product(s). I’d also look at the companies that make the components and invest in those as well. Linus, fortunately for himself and his family, was in a position to invest a large amount of expendable cash into something. Most of us are not that lucky. I have that kind of money, sure, but its tied up in my retirement which is for future use down the road. I would never throw that into a company like Framework right now, or ever really (no offense). But if Framework could get enough financial backing and eventually do an IPO, I’d definitely throw a serious but affordable investment into them. This company needs to grow and will grow with time as long as the demand is there and obviously the cash flow. I’m definitely sold.


Any updates to investing options for the company? I own the 13, I talk it up and buy parts, will buy the 16 when it comes out. :smiley: